For Long


For Long

No morning exercise at the bridge for long
Not bathed in golden sunshine for long
Not looking into the brooklet for long
Not seen these creatures for long

I have been polluted
So was the stream



The Fall (viii) Tiny Eyes (Cowry)

2017.10.12_Small Eye
Photo credit: Jayne Leung

Tiny Eyes

‘At the root,’ she said,
But doofe Mama didn’t get that.
Comes from the Fall, or not at all?

A great design of God.
Like like like like like
May I share it on my blog?




A garden in a punnet
Brought all the way from my garden in Düsseldorf.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished once last year
Before being eaten up by field mice on the balcony.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished in Professor Friedrich’s garten.
When Frau Friedrich gave me seeds in the nineties.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished in my garden all these years.
And they did well when they arrived in late July.

Forget-me-Nots.  They did well in August until that downpour.
All drown. But wait. Not all.