Your Love _ to Kailin


Your Love

You love was eaten in the Italian dinner you bought me,
With the 50 bucks collected in your violin box,
The money which you could have spent
On a soft pillow to rest your head.

Your love is in the music you played,
In your creations, for me, for us, for more,
In words spoken and written, and in words unsaid,
In your reaching out, to many, many a retreated hand.

Your love dazzles, radiates, vibrates, and ripples,
From the very inner circle to the world beyond,
And indeed to the whole universe,
For hearts ready to make space.


World of Love _ by Joanne Choi

World of Love

The world may be speedily collapsing
It may have become hard to find righteousness
or a society where we can live in peace.
But that should not hinder us from nurturing a world of Love.
Love ourselves, and love all around us.

Excerpt of an article by Joanne Choi on facebook
rendered into English to share by