fleeting 09 – Doors of Happiness

2006.11.04  Club O (Cantonese) 錄音:
從一首詩 Doors of Happiness 說起

Part 1/4 (18:51)

Part 2/4 (20.09)

Part 3/4 (16.24)

Part 4/4 (32:59)


When this poem was first written in 1994,
The last 2 lines were:
You try to open it
And find it _________________

When this poem was revised in 1995,
The last 2 lines were:
You try to open it
And find it _________________

And when this poem was revised in 1996,
The last 2 lines were:
You try to open it
And find it _________________



Arbeit _ to Professor L. Friedrich


Professor Friedrich is not just any mentor.
He is a most embracing DoktorVATER.

Helped by many, I made good progress.
Had the whole paper laid out before me.

The most difficult chapters got finished.
Bibliography done, kanji stored in my head.

Had planned to finish it on turning 50.
But finished fleeting instead.

I said: Sorry, Herr Professor, no Doktorarbeit.
Professor said: Das ist aber auch eine Arbeit.



fleeting 01 – stamp

On the cover of fleeting you can see a stamp
this chop hand-carved by FM
is made up of 2 characters
夢 dream & bird 鳥

dreams and birds cannot be restrained

Do you have dreams?

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