2017.11.20 The Fall


Like an after-quake
A small fall after the big one
While preparing a bed for Maria
My long dress caught me and I fell
I fell head on and hit the window sill

On her bed I showed Maria
How I do yoga and stretching
I even demonstrated a headstand
Not knowing I would leave traces
For Maria to find out my head had been bleeding


Fall (xiii) More and Less

More and Less

Not as bad as Day 2:
Much less swelling,
More muscle pain.

Many new products
More Label-printing.
Heavy paper drawer.


The Fall (viii) Tiny Eyes (Cowry)

2017.10.12_Small Eye
Photo credit: Jayne Leung

Tiny Eyes

‘At the root,’ she said,
But doofe Mama didn’t get that.
Comes from the Fall, or not at all?

A great design of God.
Like like like like like
May I share it on my blog?



The Fall (vi) Cups

2017.10.10 Big Cup_Small Cup


Graduated from small cup to big.
Purple rice congee no longer too chewy.
Getting hard to imagine
How heavy a light switch can be.




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