2017.11.05 Hong Kong Blooming.jpg


Hong Kong Blooming
Or so I thought

Or so I thought not
But so I hoped

And so I still hope
Hope against Hope


2017.11.05 Hong Kong Blooming_Tang Leung.jpg
Photo credit: Tang Leung


Dreams _ to A


Your nightmares leave me no peace.
Must be hard to live with such.
May you wake up to dreams.



2017.11.03 Gadgets_Nokia 301_Nikon COOLPIX.JPG

This is my Nokia semi smart:
Shows squares for Chinese,
But can type Gaël’s name with an ë,
And can take pictures with 3.2 MP.

Yet for pictures I have come to treasure,
A raffle present from dear Natasha,
Nikon COOLPIX 16.0 MP 5 x Zoom
Even with a built-in GPS.

Photo taking,
Photo re-touching, photo uploading
All at a snail’s pace,
A pace at ease for my age.

He said, let me give you an i-phone.
She and she said, let me give you an i-phone.
An i-phone?  But do I really need one?
Did not tell them I miss nothing but my OM1.



Arbeit _ to Professor L. Friedrich


Professor Friedrich is not just any mentor.
He is a most embracing DoktorVATER.

Helped by many, I made good progress.
Had the whole paper laid out before me.

The most difficult chapters got finished.
Bibliography done, kanji stored in my head.

Had planned to finish it on turning 50.
But finished fleeting instead.

I said: Sorry, Herr Professor, no Doktorarbeit.
Professor said: Das ist aber auch eine Arbeit.



For Long


For Long

No morning exercise at the bridge for long
Not bathed in golden sunshine for long
Not looking into the brooklet for long
Not seen these creatures for long

I have been polluted
So was the stream



Never Noticed

2017.10.31 Ming Pao
Never noticed

Never noticed. Has it always been like this?
Will this remain? Two versions?
Or is it going to be merged into one?
If one version, which version?
If this one version, where would it lead to? 
I do not wish to know the answer.



♥ ♥