2017.11.20 The Fall


Like an after-quake
A small fall after the big one
While preparing a bed for Maria
My long dress caught me and I fell
I fell head on and hit the window sill

On her bed I showed Maria
How I do yoga and stretching
I even demonstrated a headstand
Not knowing I would leave traces
For Maria to find out my head had been bleeding


Push & Pull

Push & Pull

Almost every day
I push

Some days I don’t

Some days I pull



2017.11.17 Guns_Flowers


13 November 2015 21:16 CET

Outside the stadium
During a football match

Bataclan theatre
Eagles of Death Metal concert

In cafés and restaurants
in the streets

Mass shooting, suicide bombing, hostage taking
137 dead 413 injured.

Father says to son:
They might have guns but we have flowers.

Son: The flowers and candles are here to protect us?
Father: oui.



Bitter Sweet

2017.11.13 Bitter Gourd Seed

Bitter Sweet

Since it comes from a bitter gourd,
You would expect it to be bitter.
You may expect it to be brown.
But red like a cherry tomato?
A seed gently sweet?


Bitter Cup

2017.11.13 Bitter Cup

Four years have passed. If I had not looked up my logbook, I would not have remembered what this bitter cup was.

Super Typhoon Haiyan had attacked the Philippines. PFTC, Our fair trade raw sugar producer in Ililo was hard hit but they were still distributing relief and shared aids received with the people affected in the area.

Kablon Farms, our cacao producer in south Mindanao, was not affected but they generously decided to spend their Christmas party money for the year on relief in the northern part of the island.

Our fair trade producers, loving and caring people to salute to.



Can We Not

Can We Not

The very first world war?
The war to end all wars?
Death of tens of millions?
Hard to fathom pre-War days.

Were they days of laughter?
And days filled with gentleness,
As Rupert Brooke in his poem
So very gently says?

There is no return, I know.
But can we not re-play?
Those days of laughter,
And gentleness?


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