Secretly Planning


I had been secretly planning to take her along.
The other day I whispered into her furry ear:

You should pull yourself together.
You should come along to Peru.
If flying should be no good,
we could go by boat.

She listened,
looked at me,
and rolled herself up.


Foto: 2004.10.11 / 2019.01.08  Tin Liu, HK.


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Last night she was playful like a puppy,
Tearing a sponge into pieces,
Throwing up a bone to play catch.

One day up, the next day down.
Just now she staggered up the steps,
But Stephen had to carry her down.

Her days may really be numbered.
It is not going to be an easy winter.
She got two raw chops instead of one.


Tin Liu, HK, 2018.12.30



Yes We Can_to Tameer


不是神  No God
無能控制  We cannot control 
心停 心跳  heart hop heart stop

但有能  But we can
控制心門  control heart door
開開 合合 open open close close


To: Tameer Poon Freela



She enters my shop.
We had a good talk.

You have a good heart.
But you lack Wisdom.

A strike of lightning.
Ending endless thinking.


God Knows

Fanny-Min Becker shared 「土家」故事館‘s photo.
2 February 2016 at 01:02 · 

Not a player with power, but passion.
After manning booth at street market on Sunday,
After having not touched my piano for thousands of years.

God knows I love playing the piano.
Even had one when living briefly in a cellar in SF.
Landlady’s old dad next-doors lent me his baby piano.

He moved it from his cellar with help of one friend.
He told me it was okay, he was only 68.
I later found out he was 86! 

Photo credit: Cming Liu


Para Perrito

practising practising practising

Tengo una mascot.
Su nombre es Doggie.
Esta muy frio hoy.
Hacía frío para Doggie.
No hace frío para Doggie ahora.
Es importante para mí.



Mi Perrito


Communicating is more than speaking the language.
Can we communicate without speaking the language?
I believe we can.
Hence I dare dream of moving to Peru with no Spanish.
But I am learning, starting from today:

Mi nombre es Fanny-Min.
Tengo una mascota.
Mi mascota es un perro.
Su nombre es Doggie.
Soy importante para ella.
Y ella es importante para mi.



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Min = Swiftness & Sensibility.
I definitely smelled something burning …

I shouted into the kitchen:
‘Some plastic bit stuck onto your frying pan?’

I jumped up from my laptop seat and ran into the kitchen.
He dashed out to close the balcony door and all windows.

‘From outside,’ he said, ‘some people burning rubbish.’
And I trusted him.

I trusted him so much that I did not notice
What was happening to my foot-warmer …

FM:) Tin Liu, Sai Kung, HK, 2016.02.04


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