Fanny-Min Becker  8 December 2016 at 10:07 · Hong Kong ·
Remembering Joy Yourcenar on her birthday

nobody knows
all these years I’ve read her name as
for some reason unknown

but Joy she was
and our center …

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These Days

2017.12.11_Black is White


分不清  黑黑白白
看不到  是是非非

沒有白 只有黑
沒有是 只有非

非 + 非 = 是
白 – 白 = 黑

黑與白 是與非 誰會裡


Revelation _ by Joy Olivia Yourcenar

Miles Chandler is with Joy Yourcenar and 3 others.

23 April 2016 · 


In the end,
you fall like a ripe plum,
split and peeled at the last moment,
ripeness before corruption.
You drop,
flesh and pit, under a dark-seamed midnight
riven by the desire
of your hastily invoked archangels.

The wings of Azrael brush your lips,
your face,
limn your downcast lashes in reflected radiance,
erasing a multiplicity of past mistakes,
until you contain the infinite fertility
of a blank page.

Then know:
you will implode, bruised
by the blare of receding trumpets,
surrounded by limpid-eyed saints
professing reservations,
you will find,
concealed inside your peeled rind,
the new pit,
paradise regrown,
splitting open its seed coat
and pushing you up
into the serpent’s mouth,
into the new beginning.

-By Joy Olivia Yourcenar (1999).

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Remembering Joy, with fond memories
It’s again her birthday


Dream Dream Dream

// “Something will occur if it belongs in your life, if not, do not worry…fame and fortune are fleeting.” – The international artists, Metro Vocal Group​, celebrate the 41st anniversary of the release of Sam Hui’s “Drifter’s Song”, released on Dec 1, 1976! The charming melody immediately captured the members of MVG, and became a must share with their audiences around the world. Filmed in our home of Hong Kong, we celebrate this wonderful song written by the “Godfather of Cantopop”, Sam Hui. //

Thanks to Agnes W
for introducing me to the Metro Vocal Group
I enjoy the group,
Not so much the lyrics.

Yes, life is made up of fleeting moments,
Yes, craving for things brings us nowhere.
But I still believe in endless dreaming.
For I have seen dreams come true.


Arrived _ by Kailin Yong

 Kailin Yong

3 December 2015 

You ask me where I am going
I say nowhere
For I have arrived
since the beginning of time

You ask me what I am doing
I say nothing
Just unwrapping presents
enjoying the beauty and fragrance of each moment

You ask me what my dreams are
I say I don’t dream anymore
For everything I need I already have
Everything I have
I don’t need

I am here, now
glowing, humming, loving, living
Breathing in, out
singing, dancing, giving, being

Thanks for sharing
‘Son’ Kailin Yong
Fiddler for Peace