Grandpa Comes Out of the Fog

2016.01.22 Brot mit VCO.JPG

Prompted by what BBC uploaded this morning,

Is coconut oil a superfood?

I dug out this old story.
NUI VCO has been our star product for almost 10 years.
And we have heard many wonder stories from our customers.
It is a wonder that BBC discovers it only now.


2012.10.03 《MM店》日誌:《公公走出模糊》

吳小姐 三、四個星期前來《MM店》 買過兩小瓶 NUI 初榨冷壓椰子油,今天來再買一瓶大的。

FM敏: 好用嗎?

吳:好用! 其實我轉用過其他牌子的,因為你們的不便宜。但是發覺,功效還是你們的好。

FM敏: 有這樣的事?願聞其詳。。。

吳:是這樣的:我是管電腦的,上班要一早起床。往往提不起精神。吃了你們的 NUI 椰子油特別有勁,換了另一個牌子就是不一樣。。。


吳:肯定不會。 還有,還有一個好消息!

FM敏: 好消息?

吳:對,是關於我公公的。他今年92歲,醫生診斷他開始有點腦退化。 上個月開始,我們給他吃 NUI 椰子油,像橄欖油,用來蘸麵包吃,有時候,塗在麵包上,請傭人在鍋裡煎一煎。。。

FM敏: 他老人家吃得慣嗎?


FM敏: 那太好了!

吳:還有,以前公公未開始吃 NUI 椰子油的時候,有點混混沌沌,十問九不答。 現在變得很喜歡跟人家說話,還表現得很有主見。有時有人會問他一些簡單的問題,試試他能不能應對,他會回答:『這麼簡單的問題,我才不費神回答呢。』有時見醫生時,護士問他一些問題,他會這樣回答:『 那麼私人的問題,我跟你又不相識,不好意思,不方便回答。。。』



The Left Wiper

The Left Wiper

In the pouring rain
I pulled the car to the side
I looked for the wiper blade in vain
Little did I know it had landed on the cowl grille
Our neighbour knew and hooked it back for me this morning


We wish you

2017.12.25 Merry Christmas_2017

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And …

paqariku atawsami
Feliz Navidad



What Next

2017.10.27_Brave CatalansBBC world news

What next?

What next?
It will not matter what next.
if they are ready to embrace whatever next.

May God grant them wisdom and strength.
Let there be PEACE,
and LOVE.



A garden in a punnet
Brought all the way from my garden in Düsseldorf.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished once last year
Before being eaten up by field mice on the balcony.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished in Professor Friedrich’s garten.
When Frau Friedrich gave me seeds in the nineties.

Forget-me-Nots. They flourished in my garden all these years.
And they did well when they arrived in late July.

Forget-me-Nots.  They did well in August until that downpour.
All drown. But wait. Not all.


Merry & Gay

2017.10.02 First Gay Marriage in Germany

BBC 2017.10.01 Two men have become the first gay couple to marry in Germany, on the day gay marriage became legal there.

Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende, a couple for 38 years, exchanged their vows at the town hall in Schöneberg, Berlin.

So happy for them.


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