ABOUT ‘fleeting’


fleeting was started on 2011.11.26.
Instead of writing for this personal blog,
I started to work on our online shop.
And six years have gone by meanwhile.
Time fleeting …

As Life would have it,
The online shop collapsed in a server breakdown.
While waiting for my son, the webmaster,
to squeeze time for re-construction,
I tried to help with picking up the first bricks.
To warm up, I picked up this blog.

This is fleeting
a collection of poems published in 1996
layout by my son, Moritz Yury Becker,
published with the help of
my daughter, Natasha Leung &
her friend Florence Tong.


Fleeting (i) & (ii)_G

4 Replies to “ABOUT ‘fleeting’”

  1. I think you brought it when you came, along with a tiny, tiny accordion poetry collection. 🙂

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