Forgetful Min

 Fanny-Min Becker

5 June 2015 at 10:00 

Forgetful Min

I fed Dad half a Nougatini, his favourite,
Since he said ‘no’ to most foods.
I wrote six pages of chatting,
Since they have taken off his hearing aid.

I saw no frail old man lying helpless:
It was like old pals doing pal things.
I keep forgetting that Dad is 93
And me no longer his little Min.

2018.06.05_dad & dinner

Ho KK:

Fanny-Min Becker:  Yes yes, my dear KK, but life is actually made up of long good-byes: there is no return of any minute, the more reason to treasure every second, thus no regret as such in parting. 
Agnes Wong:  But you forever his dear girl.
And he forever your great dad.

Tam Kam Hon:Gong gong teaches me Chinese calligraphy.


Fanny-Min Becker: