Pessimistic Thoughts

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Fanny-Min Becker, 
15 January 2016 · Hong Kong · 
Never harboured as many pessimistic thoughts as today …

I have seen how it was happening,
on a very minor scale,
in a remote part of Kenya,
how mountains were leased and ‘developed’ to grow energy crops,
and pesticide and chemical fertilizer handed over free-of-charge.
Green mountains, green virgin mountains with rich dark soil.
And the lady who owns the mountains
saw this a chance for ‘development’, heaven sent …

It was 2011. And now?


// If One Belt, One Road meets Chinese planners’ expectations, the whole of Eurasia, from Indonesia to Poland will be transformed in the coming generation. China’s model will blossom outside of China, raising incomes and thus demand for Chinese products to replace stagnating markets in other parts of the world. Polluting industries, too, will be offloaded to other parts of the world. Rather than being at the periphery of the global economy, Central Asia will be at its core. And China’s form of authoritarian government will gain immense prestige, implying a large negative effect on democracy worldwide. //

Read full article:

One belt, one road: exporting the Chinese model to Eurasia


By Francis Fukuyama, a senior fellow at Stanford University.
His most recent book is Political Order and Political Decay

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