it’s a new day_by Hector Hinojosa

Hector Hinojosa,  12 January 2015 
It’s a new day

it’s a new day and we still kill
france is being loved again
but the black man in main house
still is hated by the fox and it’s friends
in the face of a million french marching peace
the evil face of bigotry is not the muslim man in algiers
but the grandmother in the north of carolina
calling for sand niggers to die
we love the american sniper
and hate the palestinian boy with the rock in his hand
today in paris millions march for peace
atheists and jews, buddhists, christians and muslims
black,brown, white and yellow
but in oklahoma there still resides
an old man and the grandson he taught
to hate the homeless,
and pastor lively teaches africa
to kill homosexuals.
it’s a new day and we still kill.


Christine Blackford
Christine Blackford: Every new day is a chance to step forward to make change happen. Everyday, I see those small steps being realized. Every day I am happy to be alive. And everyday, I feel love happening. X
2015.01.12, 02:02
Hector Hinojosa
Hector Hinojosa: Being a perpetual optimist, I agree 
I make myself painfully aware of the things left to fix, so I can do the little I can.
2015.01.12, 02:09
Hector Hinojosa
Hector Hinojosa: It’s a new day…
2018.01.12, 00:58
Fanny-Min Becker

Fanny-Min Becker: It’s a new day. Thx for sharing. Will share.
2018.01.12, 19.16


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