9 Replies to “Fall (xiv) First Trolley-pulling After the Fall”

  1. The picture reminds me of Zhu Ziqing’s essay “Retreating Figure” (Image of the Back). I still remember that article.

  2. Ah yes …
    That essay did not evoke that much sentiment in me back then. I can feel it more now, having witnessed Dad growing frail and me feeling on the gradual onset of old age. 😉

  3. It did when he was walking to the departure gate with a limp some decades ago.

  4. Yes, there are 3 episodes altogether. An excellent production, by HKSTV. At 1:44, you can see the photo you took of me at Death Valley, in 1998? 🙂

  5. Excellent videos. We found four. We watched and downloaded.🙂
    We saw Doggie. 🐾🐾

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