Protests always change things …

Fanny-Min Becker @ facebook
17 October 2014 at 13:04 · Hong Kong ·

Protests always change things …

1978? 79? l’Alliance Française de Hong Kong:
Teachers’ strike, for fairer contracts.
Some students walked out.
Teachers sat in.  One teacher hungered.

Immediate Result:
Teachers got fired.
One student did not finish her Diplôme.

Long-term Result:
Innocent teachers got better contract.
New teachers got better contract.




Me Too

2017.10.17 Scar

Me Too

Me, too.
She, too. He, too. It, too.
Sexually. And / or not.

Every Sunday I went to Sunday school.
Yet I stepped on the tail of Aunt’s kitten,
Till it said ‘Stop!’ with a scratch.

60 years after,
The scar is still there.
Never ever have I stepped on any other tail.
Yet not because of that everlasting scar.