4 Replies to “Small Small Banana in Big Big Wind”

  1. They are far from ripe. They are planted in ‘our ‘side-yard by our neighbour. Unripe bananas are good for BBQ, a friend says. But I doubt if the elderly lady would agree. She may have plans to sell part of them, says Stephen. I wish it were our banana tree that has come down. We are more ready to embrace losses. 😦

  2. Believe it or not, they pick them this ripe in order to get to the market.
    They will ripen by themeselves.

  3. I know. They gas the bananas to make them ‘ripe’. That is why they never taste as good as those which ripen more on the tree. To ripen, the bananas need to stick to their mother trunk and continue to be taken care of by the soil, the rain, and the sun. 🙂

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