by Lilly Mee Wu in Toronto

Lament of an M.D. Sufferer

2009.06.07 Lament

There is no cure.
Macular degeneration
Comparable to suffocation,
Eyes to injure.

No line is straight.
On all horizontals, no less,
Descend a crazy waviness.
Accept your fate!

What next, you ask.
Retinal detachment, follow!
Treated, on your face you lie low.
Not a mean task.

And comes a hole.
In the centre of a pink wreath,
Emptiness beyond and beneath.
Naught to console.

What else to see?
Gold rimmed blue blooms in a posy;
Dingy pavings green and mossy.
The flicks are free.

Don’t understand.
Out swims a line, a message,
To read it you can’t manage.
No code at hand.

Pressure is high.
A blue intensity appears,
Beauty to allay your fears.
Headaches sail by.

A gloaming fell.
Could be lucent as a spring dawn;
Or a typhoon’s charcoal screen drawn.
Cannot foretell.

Meteors explode into star dust;
Rockets burst in flashing combust.
Injected silicon:
Kind of Gorgon?

Laser brings a perpetual glare
And a dazzling whiteness most rare.
Extreme brightness
Makes for tiredness.

Bestir yourself! Your doctors warn.
Like an eight-year-old you must learn.
Fail to use it.
Then you lose it!

You yourself teach
How things to reach.
Buy magnifiers to aid reading;
But daily deeds need new meaning.

Health is a mission.
Strange how bowels can affect sight.
Or an aching leg be a blight
On your vision.

Exercise till
The soles know the ground they walk on,
Fingers know what they light upon.
Live to the full.

You are not blind.
The smells and sounds identify.
Who and what they do clarify.
All in the mind.

Fate is accepted.
In waking moments, day and night,
Keen light or dim glow, is your sight
Smaze blanketed.

Composed by Lilly Mee Wu
Toronto 20-29.04.2009

Typed by FM
Posted on facebook on 2009.06.07 at 00:51


Lilly was my class teacher from 1960 to 1962
Ever so encouraging
Ever so trusting
She helped me to find myself
Without her
There would not be the today me
My teacher for Life


Have you ever met a teacher for Life?
Would you wish for such a teacher?
Are you a teacher for Life yourself?
Can we all be teachers for Life?

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