One of those mom things …

2018.12.12_Tin Liiu_Maria

One of those mom things …

For 50 years I have been rehearsing this scene in my head: going down a long slopy road with no brakes.

But what happened this evening did not happen on a long down-hill road, but where we live, a short slopy road.

I have devised the strategy of steering the car to go zigzag at low gear. But this road of ours is far too narrow and far too short. I could switch to L-gear but there was no way to reduce speed by going zigzag.

Gott sei Dank! The road is a little wider towards the last stretch. I could slow the car down a little by manoevring a slight curve.

Gott sei Dank! There is a house at the foot of this hilly road. So, as the car slid out of the slight curve, I could direct it towards a side-wall…

And, just as the car was about to hit the wall, I turned the car away, letting the front side rub against the rugged wall to brake.

Apparently the 20-ft wall was too short for braking purpose, but, Gott sei Dank, where the wall ends is the side of a few stoney front-door steps.

The bumper bumped against the top step and the car stopped.

I turned off the engine and re-started the car. Strange. The brakes were there again. To be on the safe side, we still decided to cancel our original trip downtown and took the car to the mechanics workshop downhill instead.

With a scratched front side and a hole in the bumper and some metal almost touching one tyre, our sturdy old auto managed to arrive at the workshop together with us in one piece. After parking the car in the dark compound, I called up our dear old mechanic.

‘You don’t know what that little red light is for? The brake warning indicator, I think. Brake fluid leakage maybe? In any case, leave your car where it is. Not safe to drive. I will come and bring it down for you tomorrow morning.’

Gott sei Dank! We had no accident on the way down.

It had not yet started to rain and Stephen was along, so it was a really nice little walk home uphill.

2018.12.05 Tin Liu, Sai Kung, HK

Foto credit: Maria Del Pilar Marcapiña

A Bundle

Fanny-Min Becker
6 June 2012 · 

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可燃點 可枕臥


Forgetful Min

 Fanny-Min Becker

5 June 2015 at 10:00 

Forgetful Min

I fed Dad half a Nougatini, his favourite,
Since he said ‘no’ to most foods.
I wrote six pages of chatting,
Since they have taken off his hearing aid.

I saw no frail old man lying helpless:
It was like old pals doing pal things.
I keep forgetting that Dad is 93
And me no longer his little Min.

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Ho KK:  充滿思念之情,不容易的道別時候


Fanny-Min Becker
Fanny-Min Becker:  Yes yes, my dear KK, but life is actually made up of long good-byes: there is no return of any minute, the more reason to treasure every second, thus no regret as such in parting. 
Agnes Wong
Agnes Wong:  But you forever his dear girl.
And he forever your great dad.

Tam Kam Hon

Tam Kam Hon:Gong gong teaches me Chinese calligraphy.


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Fanny-Min Becker
Fanny-Min Becker:

2018 World Fair Trade Day Party @ MM

《2018 世界公平貿易日》

2018.05.12 星期六在《MM店》舉行的小小《世界公平貿易日》慶祝會,多得粉絲白茶 W 小姐自動請纓為我們拍照。

短片新手阿敏,花了兩天,把照片整理、縮小、加插圖、製作成 PowerPoint,然後把 PowerPoint 變為短片,再 在 google 搜查 如何在不侵犯他人版權原則下 配上音樂。

原來 facebook 有個新玩意叫 Sound Collection,有免費音樂。於是下載了一條 聲帶,用 Movie Maker 配樂。成功了。 好開心。 

拐了一個大彎! 行內人得知,一定。。。

Music:facebook Sound Collection ‘Woffgang’, courtesy of Man DeLorean


Yes We Can_to Tameer


不是神  No God
無能控制  We cannot control 
心停 心跳  heart hop heart stop

但有能  But we can
控制心門  control heart door
開開 合合 open open close close


To: Tameer Poon Freela


This is what I wrote on facebook a year ago in response to a post in Spiegel:

18 April 2017 at 00:11 · Hong Kong · 

Ich bin zwar nicht in Deutschland geboren, habe nicht mein ganzes Leben in Deutschland verbracht, dennoch habe ich mich während meines Aufenthalts in Deutschland NIE fremd gefühlt, Ich bin warmherzig aufgenommen worden. Auch wenn ich zur Zeit nicht in Deutschland wohne, und nicht mehr mit einem Deutschen verheiratet bin, bleibt Deutschland mein Heimat im meinem Herzen. 

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“Sehr viele erzählen mir, sie hätten sich für das Präsidialsystem entschieden, weil sie sich in Deutschland schlecht behandelt fühlten.”: Hasnain Kazims Kommentar zur Wahl der Deutschtürken.

” a lot of people tell me you chose the presidential because they felt bad in Germany.”: hasnain kazims comment on the choice of the German.


This is what I wrote today, one year after:

Zwar bleibt Deutschland mein Heimat im Herzen
inzwischen ist es mir aber klar,
daß ich nicht mehr als Einwohner zurückkehre.
Wenn Gott will, wiederfindet meine Seele
ein neues Zuhause anderswo. 




She enters my shop.
We had a good talk.

You have a good heart.
But you lack Wisdom.

A strike of lightning.
Ending endless thinking.